24 Channel SmartControl® CAT5 Decoder / Metal Enclosure

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Innotech's 24 Channel SmartControl® CAT5 Decoder provides camera power, video & OSD control over a single CAT5 cable, up to 1,000 feet. Compatible with our SmartControl® CAT5 215/233/234/235 series cameras and any DVR or Hybrid DVR.

Product Description

Innotech's 24 channel SmartControl® CAT5 Decoder provides camera power, video & OSD control - all over a single CAT5 cable with standard RJ45 plugs, up to 1,000 feet. Works with any of our SmartControl® CAT5 - 215 series, 233 series, 234 series and 235 series cameras - and with any DVR or Hybrid DVR. No more video baluns, no more camera power supplies, no more coaxial cable. Simplify camera installation, save time and reduce costs. Provided in metal enclosure for secure installation. Standardize all your camera wiring on the CAT5 backbone and future-proof your infrastructure with SmartControl© CAT5. High resolution, Color@Night, Pixim Seawolf Wide Dynamic Range and PTZ cameras, on standard CAT5 cable, at a fraction of the price of IP. Proudly designed, assembled and tested in the USA.


Camera Cable Length Up to 1,000 ft (Standard CAT5 Cable)
CAT5 Wiring T568B
Camera Power Yes
Camera Video Yes
Dimensions 12(H)" x 12(W)" x 5.5(D)"