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HDMI Solutions

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  • HD-TVI to HDMI / VGA / Composite Matrix Switch - Converter with PIP & Video Loopout

    Sku: EXMP5-TVI

    Display HD-TVI camera(s) on any monitor with HDMI, BNC or VGA video input - plus loopout to DVR for recording. Select from 1 or 2 HD-TVI cameras. Use as matrix switch to display 2 HDMI cameras on a monitor in PIP (Picture In Picture) format with selectable main camera and programmable PIP camera location and size. Includes 12 VDC power supply. 

    • Application: Indoor

  • HDMI / CAT5 Transmitter & Receiver Kit

    Sku: HDMI100

    Transmit HDMI 1080p video over CAT5 cable up to 45 meters. Perfect for connecting your DVR to an HDMI monitor located up to 45 meters distance using standard CAT5 cable. Includes 5 VDC power supply, HDMI Transmitter & HDMI Receiver.

    • Application: Indoor