What is SmartControl®?

SmartControl is Innotech Security's patented technology that makes it possible to provide power, video, and OSD (On Screen Display) to analog CCTV cameras, over a single CAT5 cable.


  • Significantly reduce your cable costs by using CAT5 instead of Coaxial.
  • Future proof your installation. Since you already have CAT5 cable runs by using SmartControl® technology, you can simply swap the analog camera with an IP camera, making upgrades a breeze and cost effective.
  • Complete installations even faster with only a single cable run.
  • Adjust the camera's OSD from the decoder — no more climbing up ladders for simple adjustments!

How It Works

  1. It starts at the DVR. From here you plug in our BNC quad cable. One side has BNC connectors that fit into the DVR and the other side connects directly to our decoder.
  2. Our standard model decoder has 4 channels, each with its own RJ45 connection. Plug in a RJ45 cable to the decoder on one side and plug in the other side directly to our SmartControl® CAT5 ready camera.
  3. That's it! Now enjoy power, video, and OSD over CAT5.
SmartControl CAT5 Illustration

For more information about SmartControl®, Please contact us or call sales at (954) 792-2818.